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Threads, an twitter rival

you all are know about threads app if don’t let me recall you, Threads is an instagram based app launched on 5 th of July 2023 in which you can share your thoughts in text or in images. OK I got it are you thinking about twitter but it’s not. It is Mark property not Musk property.


In this users require to have both accounts to to use instagram and Threads, Threads under the same instagram account and same in deleting situation. A user need to delete both account if he want to delete one of them. Hence you will not delete the instagram account in any situation. Very smart move from Meta.

This application is available on both IOS an Android.

It is fastest growing application in history of technology with over 110 million users in it’s five days and 1 million in it’s first one hour after launching.

Mr.beast a famous youtuber from USA is the first person in the world to achieve 1 million followers on Threads followed by Shakira.

Meta is a company which operates or control the world most popular social media platform like Whatsapp , Facebook and Instagram.


Threads, an twitter rival

It is founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends in January 4th of 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. Mark Zuckerberg is CEO of meta since from starting, under his guidance Facebook has achieved the great milestone for being the greatest social media platform with user base of over 3 billion users from all over the worlds.

  • India – 314.6 million
  • United states – 175 million
  • Indonesia – 119 million
  • Brazil – 109.05 million
  • Mexico – 83.75 million
  • Phillippines – 80.3 million
  • Vietnam – 66.2 million
  • Thailand – 48.1 million
  • Bangladesh – 43.25 million
  • Egypt – 42 million
  • Pakistan – 37.3 million

Musk Reaction

Musk is not happy with this because it’s own twitter which he’s owned in October 2022 in $44 billion does same thing in different manner. Netizens share some mixed review upon Threads and also on meta owner Mark zuckerburg.

User1- After tiktok it got reels and now twitter got Threads.

User2- Everything is fair in love,war,game and meta office.

Threads, an twitter rival

Musk also share his opinion about Threads software on twitter. After seeing his reaction we can clearly see he is not happy with this move of meta. Since, we all know meta wants to stay ahead in every competition but this is not acceptable to copy other work by changing the name.

Fun Fact – Over 1 billion stories are posted daily across Meta platforms &  There are 500 million tweets sent per day by march 2021.

Declining Users

However, it’s early success not last longer and it’s daily users got decrease rapidly from 100 million to 8 million in end of it’s launch month. Users doesn’t find anything new in threads app to continue using for them.

some users are regretting for using this app because deleting threads account resulting in losing Instagram account too, from which they are not happy to use after this.

users literally can’t shift themself to a new app which has nothing new to do it, Hence resulting Meta to losing it’s users base from threads.

Where is it available

Threads launched in 99 countries including USA. The countries where it’s not launched yet is China, Iran , Russia and 63 others countries. Also in European countries it is not launched yet to confirm regulatory clarity from the European commission on the service’s data collection policies.

How to make account

To make an account on Threads app you must have an Instagram app if not then download from Playstore or Apple store or you can download threads app from playstore or Apple store.

Threads, an twitter rival

Then make an account on Instagram first, if you have an existing account then it will be more easy.

Threads, an twitter rival

Go to your profile section after creating a account you can see upper side a logo of Threads app click on that logo or you can go to settings and click on threads option .

Threads, an twitter rival

Now create a Threads account just like any other account we create by filling name, BIO.

congratulations You are a threads user now.


In the fast growing world social media platform connect us from each other from any point or any place of the world. Though it has a competition too for being best platforms.

A healthy competition help rivals to grow better, we know that competition has started from beginning because of this only we got platforms like Instagram and twitter.

platforms like this help us to share our moments with our loved ones help us to express our feelings help us to grow in many ways.

Many apps came and go but only the relatable ones stay, in same way threads happen but it not the app which we connect quickly it looks like the cheap copy of Twitter in case on some day twitter got shut down this app will perfect alternate of Twitter.

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