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Luna 25, A hope for Russia

Russia moon mission

The Moon is less than 384,400 km away from the Earth, but on the other side it is more interesting than the Earth, due to this, Russia launched its Moon mission, which was sent to search for water on the Moon, but it crashed due to abnormal conditions. This has been confirmed by Roscosmos itself. Luna 25 is Russia’s first moon mission sent in the last 47 years, from which the whole of Russia had a lot of hope, but it failed in its very first test, due to which their problems have increased even more now.

Luna 25, A hope for Russia

Luna 25 Spacecraft

Luna 25 spacecraft consist only lander within it and not the rover making him lighter to take off and also makes easy for soft landing. Perhaps this, It could’nt make a soft landing on lunar surface of moon and makes this mission failed in its first attempt.

Luna 25 Budget

Every mission need a budget to fulfill it’s needs or necessary things. However Luna 25 Budget is said to be between $180-$200 million USD. This budget consist a wide range of expenses like spacecraft, launch operations, mission control etc etc.

This budget is allowed to study the lunar surface of moon or South pole which is considered to have potential of water. This could not done without the equipment like spectrometer, cameras, thermal cameras to analyze the surface of the moon.

Note – India is the first country in history which found the water on the moon in its first moon mission.

Launch & Landing date

Luna 25 is scheduled to launch on August 11, 2023. A soyuz 2.1b rocket named launch vehicle will propel Luna 25 towards the lunar surface of the moon. Baikonur Cosmodrome place in Kazakhstan will witness this event.

The Luna 25 was to be land on 23 August, 2023. A pre planned things will help Luna 25 on its soft landing like years of research, experience scientist, Data, engineering etc etc. But this could’nt help Luna 25 for its soft landind and it got crashed.

What make Luna 25 crashed landing

Russia’s space head said that ” engines failed to shut down correctly ” makes the Luna 25 crashed landing.

Luna 25 with no pilot aims to land on Monday makes its to become first country to touch down down on the South pole of the moon.
The South pole of moon is considered to have frozen water and other elements too.

Luna 25, A hope for Russia
Russia space agency head Yury Borisov”.

General yury Borisov said in an interview engines were on during the weekend to put Luna 25 in pre landing orbit but not shut down properly and things not gone in positive way.


The race for water on the moon just started. The space agencies like ISRO of India and ROSCOSMOS of Russia’s has showed interest through their mission. However Russia’s has failed in its first attempt just same thing happened with India in 2019. But that say’s ” either you win or you learn ” I m sure Russia’s ROSCOSMOS will bounce back with the help of this mistakes and makes history

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