World first electric artillery was made by Indian tech giants DRDO and Bharat Forge. It is a Made in India product under the campaign “Make in India” which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 just after he became the prime minister.

This initiative show a powerful and impressive results in Indian economy which make India the 4th largest economy in the world.

Under this initiative ministry of India encourage both national and international markets and companies to manufacture and assemble product in India.

DRDO has came up with its another game changing product under this initiative a “Electric Artillery”.

What is artillery

Artillery is a big gun which can travel from one place to another base upon our requirements. Basically it is a heavy weapons that can fire upto high ranges and has capabilities to destroy enemies bases.

In previous time artillery is made to destroy only enemies walls but by the time passes it got some changes and now it cause some very heavy damages to opposition.


Electric artillery

Bharat forge and DRDO has came up with an Electric Artillery, world first fully automatic gun named “Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System ( ATAGS). It’s is a towed 155mm/52 caliber howitzer that is developed for Indian army.

It is said that from September 2012, a mission project named “Design and development of 155mm/52 cal (ATAGS)” was started DRDO guidance which later connect another companies to take part in this.

The mass of this artillery is 18 tones with 8060 mm of barrel length.

6-8 people can manage to stay inside in it at a time.
It can fire upto 5 rounds in 60 seconds at burst level and 10 rounds in 2 min 30 seconds while in sustained level only 60 rounds in 60 min.

The good thing about electric artillery is it can at range of 48.074 km at normal and at maximum firing range it can fire upto 52.074 km using high explosive.

It has a dual engine electric and other continued one which was using in previous artillery guns, in case something wrong happened during war so they can continue things with help of another one.

It has advanced features like high mobility, quick deployebility, advanced communication system and automatic command control system.

Philippines has given an order of 100 unit of electric artillery to Indian government and Armenia has also shown interest in it.



There are many types of artillery but we will talk about only few –

  • Anti tank gun – This are the high powerEd gun mainly made to destroy anti-tank shells of enemies. They are easily transported from one place to another depends on conditions
  • Mortar – It is made for close range firing. For high elevation it was very suitable to deploy and fire some good shots.
  • M777 howitzer – This system can hit at very long range regardless of terrain or impediments. This system can deploy at any place at anytime land, sea or air.

World powerful Artillery’s

Rheinmetall developed a gun named PzH 2000 self propelled howitzer with 155mm L52 is said to be most advanced and most effective artillery gun system anywhere. Because of its high accuracy and highly reliable made him one of the best in world.


Russia’s 203mm howitzer from 1931 is said to be most powerful gun in world right now. It was made only 500 units some sources said 1000 upto 1500. It is using right now in Russia – Ukraine was from both side.


“German Great Gustav” is the biggest gun made in history ever, it was so big that no one can compare any other gun with this gun. It was 14,000 tonnes in weight and 47 meters long with height of 12 meters about, 22 people could easily sit during functioning of vehicle.



Artillery’s was originates from Europe and the last design of artillery was made before 38 years ago.

Artillery in Indian army

India has:-

  • 4060 towed artillery
  • 235 self propelled artillery
  • 8686 armored guns
  • 4292 tanks
  • 266 rocket projectors

Sources said Indian army gave order of $1 billion electric artillery to DRDO which will make impact on national security.


The world is now shifting towards electric in every manner to decrease some capacity of doing pollution.

Electric powered engines are replacing the old diesel or petrol engines, which was one of the main factor of pollution.

Although not only upon basis of pollution but having electric engine reduced cost, makes more reliable gives more mobility to do operations anywhere anytime.

India has shown some advancement by making this electric artillery and providing to another country at cheap rates.

DRDO is working in some other technologies also like robots, high tech machine guns and bullet proof suits which help soldier to fight in any situation without any fear of bullet.

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